Sojka Quartet

The Sojka String Quartet was founded by students of the department of music at the
Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (AMU). Since 2009, it has been playing with the following members:

Martin Kos and Martin Kaplan (violins), Josef Fiala (viola), and Hana Vítková (cello). The ensemble focuses on the music of the classical period and on the contemporary music of the Czech Republic; it premiered for example works by Jir ˇí Vyšata, Pavel Samiec, Martin Cˇ ervinkaa, Vladimír Sommer, Vojteˇ ch Mojžíš, Karel Pexidr, and Ji rˇí Bezdeˇ k.

The quartet has repeatedly been invited to play in the matinée concerts of the Josef Kajetán Tyl Theater (Pilsen) and there performed among others
works of the First Viennese School, by Franz Schubert, Antonín Dvor ˇák, and Josef Suk.

Since 2012, the musicians have also been guests in Germany (Regensburg, Nuremberg and others) numerous times; since 2013, they have been presenting thematic programs, e.g. “Adolf Loos and the Second Viennese School“ (with works by Hanns Eisler, Anton Webern, and Arnold Schönberg) or “The Czech
Modern Age Between the Wars“ (with works by Víteˇ zslava Kaprálová and Jaroslav Ježek).

In 2015, the quartet played concerts among others in Japan and took part in the Festival for Contemporary Music in Prague.





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