Cooperation Partner

1. Deutschlandradio Kultur

The classical office of this renowned cultural radio station in Berlin/Cologne is collaborating with, that is to say the Joachim-Wollenweber-Edition. Some of the CD productions shown here were recorded in Studio Britz Berlin





2. Sudeten German Music Institute Regensburg

We have succeeded in gaining the collaboration of this special Upper Palatinate music institute. Special focus is on musical treasures from the Bohemian and Moravian archives of the classical and Romantic periods.






3. MGS Loib Reichertshofen

This sales agency is partly in charge of the sales of our products, which you can also find in our shop, throughout Germany. It also supplies licences of the former publishing house Walter Wollenweber.








4. TYXart - the music ARTlabel, Regensburg Region

We are very pleased that our co-productions with Deutschlandradio Kultur as well as those of the producer and sound engineer Andreas Ziegler and his team are distributed and sold from July 2015 throughout the world by the record company TYXart.










Best regards,

The jarmandi team







TYXart - the musicART  label