The new Joachim Wollenweber Edition ( refocuses the public`s

attention on forgotten composers of the classical and romantic periods. New sheet music editions are created in collaboration with top artists, musicologists

and radio stations, with recordings being published at the same time.

This eigth CD in this series is dedicated to the Venetian composer Sandro Blumenthal, a versatic wanderer between the establishment and the avant-garde of the German musical and the cultural landscape around the turn from the 19th to the 20th century.
After a promising start as a composer of serious music he turned to the cabaret and became an important singer of cabaret lieder.

Piano Quintet D major Op.2
Allegro moderato
Adagio espressivo
Scherzo. Prestissimo
Finale. Molto lento - Allegro con fuoco
4 Lieder
Non pensare a me! (Romanza)
M'incontri per la strada...
Ah non languir!...
Piano Quintet G major Op. 4
Adagio sostenuto - Allegretto deciso e con moto
Andante cantabile assai sostenuto
Scherzo. Velocissimo
Finale. Allegretto quasi a piacere - Allegro assai vivace e brillante

The seventh CD of this series, and the second with works by Robert Fuchs

(first CD: TXA15066 with viola, violin and piano) brings together the complete repertory for violoncello and piano. The Austrian composer is deemed to be one of the most appreciated    musicians of the Viennese musical life surrounding Johannes Brahms. The cello works recorded here are some of the most mature    to flow from his pen and impressed listeners already at the time of their creation with their inventiveness and elegance.

Robert Fuchs (1847-1927): The complete works for cello and piano
      Sonate es-Moll op. 83 / Sonata e flat minor Op. 83
      Allegro moderato assai
      Adagio con sentimento
      Allegro vivace
      Sieben Phantasiestücke op. 78 / 7 Fantasy Pieces Op. 78
      Etwas bewegt, launig
      Ruhig und äusserst zart
      Ruhig und gesangvoll
      Anmutig bewegt
      Etwas langsam, sehr innig
      Lebhaft bewegt
      Sonate d-Moll op. 29 / Sonata d minor Op. 29
      Molto moderato
      Scherzo. Allegro
      Allegro non troppo ma giocoso
      Martin Ostertag, cello
     Oliver Triendl, piano


A production of SWR / An album co-production

     of Joachim-Wollenweber-Edition and  TYXart.

     international publication from April/May 2017
     (order no. TXA16078, EAN/GTIN 4250702800781,

     label TYXart)





This sixth album of the CD series        introduces an especially active and        unconventional representative of            neo-romanticism with a horn quintet,

a clarinet sonata, and two works for horn and piano: Felix Draeseke.
In spite of suffering from a hearing   defect, he created not only chamber music, but also virtuoso concertos and sacred compositions the styles of which are truly remarkable. These chamber music recordings with wind players and strings available again for the first time are a true treasure in this edition.

The artists on this recording - all of them internationally renowned    soloists as well as chamber and orchestra musicians - present a chamber music album that is musically highly intense and sensitive at once.

In order to highlight the special character of this recording, it has been mixed analogously with great effort, so that the intention of the artists and producers regarding Draeseke's music could be achieved perfectly.

Quintet in B flat major  Op. 48
 for horn, violin, viola, cello and piano,                             
I. Allegro con brio ma non troppo vivace
II. Andante grave
III. Presto leggiero
IV. Finale. Allegro con brio, Allegro vivace e leggiero
Romance in F major, Op. 32

for horn and piano
 Adagio in a minor, Op. 31

 for horn and piano

Sonata in B flat major,  Op. 38
 for clarinet and piano
 I. Allegro moderato
 II. Adagio ma non troppo
 III. Scherzo; Allegro molto vivace (Presto)
 IV. Rondo: Allegro con brio

Pascal Moraguès, clarinet
Hervé Joulain, horn
Lisa Schatzman, violin
Marie Chilemme, viola
David Pia, cello
Oliver Triendl, piano

A co-production of Joachim-Wollenweber-Edition and TYXart.

international publication from jan/feb 2017

(order no. TXA16077, EAN/GTIN 4250702800774, label TYXart)



This fifth CD of of the series is devoted to

four composers from the Bohemian

countries of the second half of the

18th century: A.Kammel, F.L. Gassmann,

F. Koczwara, and A. Zimmermann.

The CD is impressive proof of the situation

of the Bohemian string chamber music, which

had great standing and was quite widely

known during this time. The works are largely

first recordings, set for string quartet, with the

addition of a trio for two violas and cello.

Antonin Kammel (1739  - 1784)

String quartet b flat major (op. 7 Nr.2)

Allegro, Andante espressivo, Tempo di Menuetto

Florian Leopold Gassmann (1729 - 1774)

String quartet c flat major

Andante, Allegro, Menuetto - Trio, Allegro

Franz Koczwara (ca. 1750 - 1791)

sonata for two violas and violoncello in c-major

Andante espressivo, rondo (allegro)

Anton Zimmermann (1741-1781)

string quartet F-major (op. 3 Nr. 3)

Andante un poco adagio, menuetto (allegretto) - trio,

menuetto-trio finale - allegro non molto

Sojka stringquartet

A co-production from : SMI Sudetendeutsches Musikinstitut repository:

Bezirk Oberpfalz), Joachim-Wollenweber-Edition and TYXart.

international publication from may/june 2016

(order no. TXA16075, EAN/GTIN 4250702800750, label TYXart)

The fourth CD of the series is devoted to a

composer of the late Romantic period:

Philipp Scharwenka. With his symphonies

and chamber music works, he won the

admiration of Max Reger.

Today, Philipp Scharwenka is increasingly

gaining the appreciation of enthusiasts

through the recordings of his work that

have long since been out of print, like this

one for violin and piano.

Sonata e-minor op. 110 for violin and piano



Allegrretto con moto

Suite op. 99 for viollin and piano

Toccato. Allegro moderato

Ballade. Andante con moto

Intermezzo. Allegro non tanto e con spirito

Recitativ und Tarantella. Largo - Molto allegro vivace

Sonata e-minor op. 114 for violin and piano

Allegro moderato

Andante tranquillo

Finale. Allegro animato

 Natalia Prishepenko, violin

 Oliver Triendl, piano

a coproduction of the Joachim-Wollenweber-Edition and TYXart


international publication from April/May 2015

(order no. TXA16075, EAN/GTIN 4250702800750, label TYXart)

The third CD in this series makes the genre of viola and piano sonata accessible to chamber music lovers, for example the forgotten but at once most interesting works all in the most expressive interpretations of Friedrich Kiel,  

Carl Reinecke, and Prince Reuss.




Friedrich Kiel (1821 –1885)

Sonata in G minor, opus 67 for viola and piano


Carl Heinrich Carsten Reinecke (1824 – 1910)

Three Fantasy pieces, opus 43 for viola and piano


Heinrich XXIV. Prince Reuss (1855 – 1910)

Sonata in G major, opus 22 for viola and piano


Anna Kreeta Gribajcevic, viola

Oliver Triendl, piano


a coproduction of the Joachim-Wollenweber-Edition and TYXart


international publication from October 2015

(order no. TXA15067, EAN/GTIN 4250702800675, label TYXart)



The second CD album makes the works of a very interesting Austrian composer available once again and musically focuses on the viola.


Robert Fuchs (1847 – 1927)

trio in F sharp minor, opus 115 for piano, violin, and viola.

6 fantasy pieces, opus 117 for viola and piano
sonata in D minor, opus 86 for viola and piano.

Maté Szücs, viola
Noah Bendix-Balgley, violin
Oliver Triendl, piano


a coproduction of the Joachim-Wollenweber-Edition, Deutschland Radio Kultur, and TYXart.


international publication from September 2015

(order no. TXA15066, EAN/GTIN 4250702800668, label TYXart) 



At the beginning of the publication series set up for the long term the Joachim-Wollenweber-Edition with great pleasure introduces the first CD album to you.


Hermann Goetz (1840 –1876)

piano quartet opus 6 and piano quintet opus 16.


Oliver Triendl, piano

Marina Chiche, violin

Peijun Xu, viola

Niklas Schmidt, violoncello

Matthias Beltinger, doublebass


a coproduction of the Joachim-Wollenweber-Edition, Deutschland Radio Kultur, and TYXart

international publication from July 2015

(order no. TXA15061, EAN/GTIN 4250702800613, label TYXart).





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